Air-to-Air Exchanger

Air ExchangerAir to air exchangers are used to move air around a room, in either a commercial or residential space. Recirculating air helps to limit the air coming in from outside, which helps to prevent pollutants and allergens from coming into a room. It also helps to move stagnant, stale air, out of the room in exchange for new, fresher air. Quite simply, air-to-air exchangers provide ventilation to rooms and buildings. Air to air exchangers both ventilate an area and recycle air, in conjunction with keeping pollutants and allergens out of the air.

Air to air exchangers are usually installed into walls of homes, and sometimes are installed in heating or air conditioning systems. This helps to bring in fresh air into ducts, which makes fresh air circulate through the building. Air exchangers work by detecting levels of humidity in the room, and when present it expels the humid air outdoors. The air exchanger will also bring in cooler outdoor air through a second tube, which is parallel to the first. The outgoing humid air mixed with the cooler air then helps to balance the temperature of the home.

Air exchangers also have filters in them, like HVAC and air purifiers. As the humid air in the home moves out, the filter captures dust, pollen, mold and other pollutants in the air. Air is also filtered through the same filters, and captures the spores and other allergens before they come inside the home. This helps to prevent pollutants from floating around the air, which makes a healthier environment in the home. These air exchangers are great for families that have young children or elderly person in the home. They provide ventilated air and recycle old air. This makes the house healthier for compromised immune systems.