Lindemeier Heating & Cooling – Comfort Club

Keep your home comfortable year-round

Lindemeier Heating and Cooling - Comfort Club Membership

Keep your furnace and air conditioner in good working condition with a Comfort Club Membership.

We will send a qualified technician to perform a
10-point inspection that will clean and maintain your heating system in the fall and cooling system in the spring to make sure your equipment is in the best possible working condition and is ready for the upcoming season.

The Benefits of a Comfort Club Membership include:

  • Cost Savings – 20% discount over purchasing services separately
  • Peace-of-Mind – Head into summer and winter knowing your equipment is ready to go
  • Ease – You don’t need to remember to schedule your maintenance. We’ll let you know when it’s time!

In the spring…

We measure, test, clean, lubricate, check and adjust your air conditioning equipment. The 10-point inspection includes:

  1. Monitoring refrigerant pressures
  2. Testing safety controls
  3. Ohm compressor for weak electrical windings
  4. Checking valves on compressor
  5. Cleaning condensate drain
  6. Cleaning evaporator coil if necessary
  7. Clean condenser coil
  8. Check capacitors for proper uf’s
  9. Inspecting electrical connections
  10. Measuring temperature drop

In the fall…

We measure, test, clean, lubricate, check and adjust your furnace. The inspection includes:

  1. Cleaning and inspecting burners
  2. Checking ignition system
  3. Testing safety controls
  4. Inspecting heat exchanger with camera for cracks or corrosion
  5. Measuring for correct air flows
  6. Adjusting gas pressure for proper combustion
  7. Testing for carbon monoxide
  8. Measuring temperature difference
  9. Checking thermostat for proper calibration
  10. Clean Condensate Drain


For any additional equipment such as air-to-air exchangers, humidifiers, zone systems, air purifiers, etc. additional costs will apply.

Call 952.442.2417 for more information.