In-floor Heating

By installing an under floor heating system in your home, you save hundreds of dollars a year in heating bills. In-floor heating options are energy efficient and will save you money. There are different types of in-floor heating options available: hydronic, electric and air-heated systems. Our model, the hydronic in-floor heating system, is a great energy efficient way to heat your home.

Here are some components of the hydronic heating in-floor system:

  • PEX Tubing: Hot water runs through cross-linked polyethylene tubing, which is also called PEX. The tubing is flexible, which prevents cracking. It is also resistant to chemicals, and is able to maintain flexibility over time.
  • A boiler or water heater heats the water in hydronic in-floor systems. These are powered by oil, gas, propane or wood.
  • The hydronic in-floor systems also have circulator pumps, which are installed adjacent to the hot water supply. The water is pumped into the large pipe that runs from the boiler into the room being heated, and then into the PEX tubing.
  • Radiant hydronic systems use control panels, which are connected to valves mounted along the tubing of the heating system. The control panel allows the user to select the temperature of the room. The control valves will use a combination of hot and cold water to make the room the right temperature.
  • Transfer panels: radiant heating under the flooring uses aluminum panels with grooves, and loops of tubing are clipped into these grooves. These panels transfer the heat from the water into the floor tubing. The tubing is clipped beneath the subfloor of the room, and insulation is installed under the piping. This makes the heat stay near the floor, rather than escaping downward.

Our expert technicians can install hydronic in-floor insulation in your home. You’ll be warm, comfortable and saving hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bill.